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Daily horoscope Aquarius (Monday 2022-05-16)

Luck: The prospects of winning something today are lousy. Spend any money on other things. Social relations: You should avoid heated discussion and outrage when you might end up in a heated dispute today. Economy: Today, you may get tired of having to worry about finances all the time. Instead, you may be taking the turns seriously without thinking about the consequences. Wellbeing: Your health is improving for the foreseeable future. A rest break hastens. Work: Maybe today you get so much to do that you have to take the work home with you. This means that you have to give up something planned. Love: You can benefit from making more active contact if you want to start a new romance. Take the first step.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Tuesday 2022-05-17)

Luck: The trip is difficult to determine today. It can help you in one situation and in the next leave you in the lurch. Social relations: You can feel grateful that a certain person treats you well. It may now be time to reciprocate this. Economy: Today, it looks like you can afford to treat yourself to that little extra that puts a golden edge on life. Wellbeing: Exercise and sports you do not have much left over for right now, but you still feel pretty good. Work: If you are free today, you will not be able to do as much at home as you planned. If you work, you get all the more harvested. Love: This is probably going to be an uninteresting day. You do not suffer from a shortage of interesting people in your area but nothing exciting will happen.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Wednesday 2022-05-18)

Luck: You need to look realistically at problems that arise. It is not always that happiness can save you. Social relations: Right now you should give support and help to a person you know very well. The friend has some problems at the moment. Economy: Right now you are not thinking so much about money. Everything is going well, and you will probably not get any unexpected expenses or income. Wellbeing: Your health will probably be at its peak in the evening. Before the day you may feel a little tired, maybe even apathetic. Work: The day will be largely very positive. With patience you can do most things. Love: A situation today can make you begin to doubt your relationship. Sometimes stopping and reflecting on life can be very useful.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Thursday 2022-05-19)

Luck: You do not seem to have any further luck today. Therefore, do not hope for too much as you may be disappointed. Social relations: You sometimes have a little too high thoughts about yourself. You would feel good considering your way towards your friends. Economy: You seem to be worried right now, but most of what is happening is positive. You also have some success in business. Wellbeing: You should be extra careful about your joints and beware of cold and drafts. They are more sensitive than usual right now. Work: Today, it can pay to take on a task even if you do not feel at home in the area. Some may discover what you are really going for. Love: A feeling of unease can strike you today that can make you introverted and that you are happy to withdraw. If you have a relationship, this can be a problem.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Friday 2022-05-20)

Luck: Looks like you're in luck today. When it comes to games, no one seems to be able to beat you. Social relations: Today, everyone is happy with your company. You can calmly excel with your social skills. Economy: Money is not something you have a problem with, you have the opportunity to shop and do what you want. Wellbeing: If you like to exercise, you will enjoy it now. But you do not have it easy to get started with something new. Work: Today, it is extra important to have a good mood at work. You will understand why. Love: You have the ability to push on questions about your relationship and it makes your partner feel too tied up.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Saturday 2022-05-21)

Luck: The color red and low numbers are what apply if you are going to try your hand at games today. Absolutely avoid playing more than three times on the same game form. Social relations: Deal with what is pressing you today. Do not be afraid to pull up old things even if it leads to quarrels. Some things have to be done once and for all. Economy: It is both good and bad that not much is happening right now. You also do not devote much thought to the economy. Wellbeing: Your health is pretty good and will not cause any problems today. You can easily take on today's various challenges. Work: When a discussion arises about whether your or a co-worker's solution is the best, you should stand up for yourself. You're actually right in this case. Love: It will be an emotional day that can offer a lot of surprises. The negative events that can start the day are changed to positive ones at the end of the day.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Sunday 2022-05-22)

Luck: Great chances of winning in games haunt. Social relations: Today, you may find it difficult to choose sympathy when two of your friends quarrel. Try to look at the issue before deciding on whose side you stand. Economy: Many expenses make it tough for your finances. But you already knew that. Wellbeing: Your mood is surprisingly good considering that you constantly seem to suffer from minor ailments. In the near future, however, it will be hassle-free. Work: You're having a hard time getting certain things done these days. The signs indicate constant interruptions. You need to plan your work wisely. Love: You can sometimes have the habit of postponing difficult things until tomorrow. Today, it is extra important that you do not wait to make a decision.

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