Weekly horoscope Aquarius (week 48) ♐

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Monday 2023-11-27)

Luck: Few situations go your way with the help of luck today. Unfortunately, you have to put in a lot of work instead. Social relations: Today, be extra observant of other people's behavior. In your personal relationships, you probably do best to proceed cautiously. Economy: Today, it looks like you can afford to treat yourself to that little extra that puts a golden edge on life. Wellbeing: A minor cold may be on the way so it is wise to take it easy today. Any exercise may have to wait. Work: If you are free today, you will not be able to do as much at home as you planned. If you work, you get all the more harvested. Love: Today, you should not let impulses take over your action on a sensitive issue. Take the time to really think about your actions for best results.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Tuesday 2023-11-28)

Luck: Success is within reach for you, and a successful event can now be a turning point. Social relations: You are sometimes quite sarcastic and it suits you badly. A little kindness would facilitate contacts with your friends. Economy: If you are invited today, you should not skimp on the gift. The appreciation will be greater than you imagine if you just spend a little more. Wellbeing: Despite your situation, you take one day at a time and you look to the future with calm confidence. This impresses your friends. Work: If you have postponed a task for some time, it is advisable to try to get it done today. You never know when it will collapse next time. Love: Getting to know your partner really well can take a long time. Maybe today you will discover that you actually know just as little about each other

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Wednesday 2023-11-29)

Luck: The color red will play a significant role for you right now. Betting on roulette or card games can pay off well. Social relations: The signs indicate tensions within the immediate circle of friends or within the family. Economy: The day is well suited for a review of your finances. Do not be afraid to change the form of savings. Wellbeing: You have a tendency to stress, especially if you are going to lead something. Be careful not to overdo it. Work: Your level of ambition may be high right now. You are probably wise to unwind a little. Love: You will probably have to make some sacrifices if there is to be time left for romance today. If you neglect love, there will be sour faces.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Thursday 2023-11-30)

Luck: Today, you should probably not trust that luck will come to your rescue. Therefore, make sure not to do anything hasty that you can not get out of. Social relations: Unfortunately, you have no compassion for someone who has gotten into trouble through their own fault. You think that as you make a bed you have to lie down. Economy: Plans you have for the home you have to give up. Avoid all impulsive purchases. Wellbeing: Your mood goes up and down a bit today and you can not find any reason for your mood swings. Work: A rapid change in work may upset your circles, but you will soon realize how to take advantage of what has happened. Love: You and your partner thrive together and your relationship develops all the time. But today you can get annoyed with each other. However, you will soon become friends again.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Friday 2023-12-01)

Luck: After a small win, you can quickly draw hasty conclusions about your turn. Unfortunately, your chances of winning are quite poor and you should therefore take home what you have won quickly as further losses are likely. Social relations: Save your curiosity if you want the right information from the environment. Patience is a virtue, well worth a try. Economy: Everything related to money and finances is sluggish now. There will hardly be any direct setbacks, it just feels tough. Wellbeing: Postpone any physically demanding activities today as your health is not at its peak. You will win on this in the next few days. Work: You are appreciated for your hard work, and your self-confidence increases. Love: You should today show a positive attitude in a heart affair. It seems to affect your own situation in the right direction.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Saturday 2023-12-02)

Luck: That you are not so lucky today will not move in your back. You have other things to think about. Social relations: The old feeling of powerlessness can creep in even though you now dare more than before. Economy: Even though you work hard and plan carefully, your finances will not get much better. Show patience. Wellbeing: You may feel a little weak today, maybe you have taken yourself out the days before. Eat and drink properly so maybe it can get better. But avoid fatty foods. Work: Realize your limitations. Even if you have easy access to new tasks. Love: Today you can face a delicate problem. It seems that you have two stakeholders and it may be difficult for you to choose. But do not worry, no matter what you choose, it will be right.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Sunday 2023-12-03)

Luck: The tour is with you right now, especially if you have a technical or intellectual job. Social relations: Your perseverance is often an asset and it helps you to continue even when it feels sluggish. Giving up is not your style. Economy: Money right now seems to worry you unnecessarily. Surely you can afford to spend a little more for yourself. Wellbeing: If you are careless with your health today, the risk may be obvious that you may feel a little unwell later in the evening. Your body can be a little sensitive. Work: With a little effort, all tasks will be quickly harvested. Treat yourself to time off if there is time left. Love: You place a lot of value on the moments you and your partner spend together today. You're both full.

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