Weekly horoscope Aquarius (week 43) ♐

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Monday 2021-10-25)

Luck: Luck and bad luck mix wildly today. Events can be thrown here and there depending on this. Social relations: You feel safe and can confidently joke with your friends. This makes you at the moment the center of the circle of friends. Economy: Today, it looks like you can afford to treat yourself to that little extra that puts a golden edge on life. Wellbeing: There is now a risk of overexertion, especially for you who have small children to take care of. Make sure you have time for yourself. Work: Today you may come to take some criticism. It can be justified and should therefore be considered even if it can receive. Love: Today, you should not let impulses take over your action on a sensitive issue. Take the time to really think about your actions for best results.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Tuesday 2021-10-26)

Luck: When you work today for a quick decision in a risky situation, you also have the signs with you. Social relations: Today you are incredibly easily offended, you misunderstand and can take badly from what people say. Ask what they mean instead of going and pondering. Economy: There will now be no surprises when it comes to your finances. No extra income, but also no unexpected expenses. Wellbeing: Your health concerns will prove to be completely unnecessary. You are healthy as a nut. Work: This is not a good day to discuss salary increases or promotions. Wait a few days and there is a greater chance that you will get through your requirements. Love: Your new love can email or call you several times today. You seem to be planning to meet again soon, maybe in the middle of next week.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Wednesday 2021-10-27)

Luck: An ordinary day that hardly offers any surprises in terms of luck. Social relations: Do not give up if you end up in a heated discussion with a friend. In fact, it is you who is right, even if it is difficult for you to convince your friend. Economy: Sure, you can earn a few bucks by carefully reviewing all the prices today, but you will probably only be disappointed when the real clips are missing. Wellbeing: You seem to feel good about fresh air, and you have plenty of energy. If you exercise, things are going better than expected right now. Work: Today you can be asked about a new job. Evaluate the proposal carefully and think about your situation. Love: Today, you may feel a little insecure about your partner's feelings for you. The signs show that there is no cause for concern.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Thursday 2021-10-28)

Luck: There are great opportunities for you to get lucky today when you need it most. The trip seems to be relatively stable. Social relations: Not everyone is on the same line as you right now. Today, it can kink in contact with relatives. Economy: Sometime during the day, there is a chance that your finances will improve. Unfortunately, the rise is only temporary. Wellbeing: You may feel rushed, but physically there is nothing wrong with you right now. Unfortunately, you have too much to do to have time to exercise. Work: Today you will find great stimulus in your work. You feel confident in what you do and your routine is further improved. Love: A little consideration is required today to sort out a difficult situation. Especially the evening can be emotionally charged.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Friday 2021-10-29)

Luck: In card games, if you get the opportunity, you should bet on red cards. Black cards, on the other hand, are a source of great disappointment. Social relations: You take the time to answer a seemingly simple question. You are touched more than you admit and want to hide your feelings. Economy: You are currently receiving a lot of unexpected expenses. Seen from a larger perspective, however, your finances look promising. Wellbeing: You seem to be full of energy right now. If you are thinking of starting to get active or play sports, this is the time for it. Work: Although there is nothing wrong with the tasks you have right now, you could do almost anything to avoid going to work today. Love: A stranger will now occupy much of your time. The signs show that you are forming a long-lasting and close friendship.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Saturday 2021-10-30)

Luck: An opportunity will appear to you today. You have to have self-confidence to realize that it is your turn to finally come. Social relations: Sometimes you find it easy to get angry. Your erratic mood may put you at risk of losing friends. Economy: You may have planned to make big purchases, but you may not be able to buy everything you have in mind. Remember to prioritize and not waste unnecessarily. Wellbeing: You have previously gotten a lot out of exercise and sports. But right now you seem to be having a hard time getting started. Work: When a situation arises at your work today, you are wise to act quickly. Too much thought can actually make things worse in this case. Love: You can sometimes have the habit of postponing difficult things until tomorrow. Today, it is extra important that you do not wait to make a decision.

Daily horoscope Aquarius (Sunday 2021-10-31)

Luck: Someone around you is jealous that you always seem to be lucky. Avoid messing with this person, Social relations: You seem to long for change, while not being able to say what you are really looking for. Economy: Your assets are good and you may have the opportunity to save some money. But during the day, something may happen that you need them again. Wellbeing: If you feel a little awkward today, it's just temporary. Tomorrow you will feel good again. Work: Take advantage of the time when it is now temporarily calm at work. Love: Love and romance seem to be alive in your life. You thrive with your partner and you like to do things together.

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