Weekly horoscope Gemini (week 20) ♐

Daily horoscope Gemini (Monday 2022-05-16)

Luck: With a certain turn, today you overcome an obstacle in your path. Social relations: Since you have a lot going on, it can be difficult to have time to hang out with friends. You'll take it again another day. Economy: Beware of exaggerations when it comes to financial investments. Wellbeing: You often seem tired, and try to catch up when you are free. Certain weather makes you hang out. Work: An unresolved dispute with a co-worker can give you feelings of discomfort when you go to work. But once you are there, you thrive like a fish in water. Love: If you are single, it looks like there is someone near you who likes you. It is up to you to discover who it is.

Daily horoscope Gemini (Tuesday 2022-05-17)

Luck: Today you may be lucky in games. Social relations: If you get involved today, it can be really fun. You should not be so afraid to open up to new people. Economy: It worries you that your finances right now are not going as you intended. The advice someone gives you in this context, you should listen to. Wellbeing: Your health is stable and does not seem to be affected by external factors today. Colds do not seem to bite you. Work: Today, the work may need to be prioritized, you may be behind in the planning or it is a lot right now. In that case, do not forget to make up for lost time with the family another time. Love: Love can cause worries today, even if they are only small, they can make you a little sad and disappointed.

Daily horoscope Gemini (Wednesday 2022-05-18)

Luck: The day is characterized by good luck, but unfortunately there are no situations where you get the opportunity to use it. Social relations: You may come across an angry person who takes his anger out on you. Try not to touch yourself. Economy: Your finances look promising right now as the signs trace an unexpected gift from a generous relative. Wellbeing: Do not cling to old useless habits. A really good health will require you to renew yourself a bit. Work: A comment from a co-worker makes you annoyed the rest of the day. There is a possibility that you have misunderstood the whole thing. Love: You engage in various forms of relationships. You do not want to be alone, so you seek the active company of others. Your friends will be amazed.

Daily horoscope Gemini (Thursday 2022-05-19)

Luck: Today you risk having a valuable item exchanged for you for some useless little gadget. Social relations: Do not let yourself be discouraged by a friend's thoughtless comment as he himself happens to have a bad day. Economy: Your finances look promising, and you get an extra income or an unexpected gift. You have some success in a stock business. Wellbeing: You have previously gotten a lot out of exercise and sports. But right now you seem to be having a hard time getting started. Work: Someone trusts that you can do it. Therefore, take on the difficult task that may arise. Love: You and your partner may need to get away together just to ruin each other. Your framed lives do not give much room for romance.

Daily horoscope Gemini (Friday 2022-05-20)

Luck: You can influence much of the luck that comes to you today in a way that makes it more lasting. The key is your safe intuition. Social relations: Your friends are falling into disrepair right now and that may worry you. But it's actually just a facade that does not affect your friendship. Economy: A particular offer may seem tempting, but check all details carefully before accepting. Wellbeing: Your health concerns will prove to be completely unnecessary. You are healthy as a nut. Work: Today, your tolerance is put to the test. A person you do not like at work can show up from a particularly stressful side. Love: Your attractiveness is strong right now. A certain person is drawn to you, and a new relationship seems to be underway.

Daily horoscope Gemini (Saturday 2022-05-21)

Luck: When playing today, you should trust your intuition and immediately play on the numbers you first think of. It will pay off the most. Social relations: As far as I know, you have not hurt anyone in the last few days. Therefore, an accusation can come as a shock. Economy: Today you have no direct thought about your finances and you also have no reason to worry about it. Wellbeing: Assist your body with the minerals and other nutrients it needs. Today, you can clearly see the difference in efficiency if you just try to eat right. Work: You are appreciated for your hard work, and your self-confidence increases. Love: Express yourself carefully today if you are going to try to charm a person. The risk of misconceptions is great and it can instead have the exact opposite effect.

Daily horoscope Gemini (Sunday 2022-05-22)

Luck: When something now seems to end in a happy way, it may be your stubbornness that pays off. Social relations: Avoid telling anyone in private today. It may happen that what you tell spreads to people you absolutely do not want to hear. Economy: An impulse purchase today can actually be unexpectedly successful. However, you will learn to give up something else. Wellbeing: Mentally, you seem to be on top right now. Physically, however, you feel quite tired, and therefore avoid exercising. Work: If you are going to work today, there may be some overtime. Try to persevere, there will be a reward afterwards. Love: Love can get a boost going forward today. You get exactly the reaction you were hoping for when you give a certain person a compliment.

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