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Daily horoscope Leo (Monday 2022-07-04)

Luck: Maybe win today with a new form of play. Social relations: You should let go of the prestige a bit. If you are too indomitable in a current issue, you are counteracting your own purposes. Economy: The economy may not look too bright today, but you can still manage the day without any major worries. Wellbeing: You have plenty of energy today and do not have to worry about any small ailments. It's the right day to do the workout you've been shooting for a while. Work: The day is favorable for creative activities. Your creativity is to your great joy. Love: Try to get better at interpreting other people's feelings. A person who seemed interested will probably disappoint you.

Daily horoscope Leo (Tuesday 2022-07-05)

Luck: The signs show pretty good luck today. Just make sure you do not get blamed because people in your area are unlucky. Social relations: A meeting today can mean intense emotions. It may be old grudges that flare up again. Economy: Your finances are a bit shaky right now but it will soon get better. Wellbeing: In terms of health, you can feel a little out of phase today. Fatigue can be a cause. Try to get to bed early to find your good shape again. Work: Even if you make a lot of progress at work, no one shows their appreciation. Love: There is a person near you that you have been interested in for a long time but have not had any real contact with. Today, changes can take place in that area.

Daily horoscope Leo (Wednesday 2022-07-06)

Luck: It seems like you are a little lucky today and it can be felt on several levels. A difficult decision can be easy if you trust your intuition. Social relations: It's something that irritates you today and you can easily take it out on others. Just hope your friends understand and can stand with you today. Economy: You're in a good mood right now. Do not waste but feel free to invite your loved ones. Wellbeing: If you want to get in better shape, you should start investing a little extra today. You seem to enjoy competitions. Work: Your work ethic is low at the moment and therefore your time at work does not feel rewarding. Colleagues, however, make the day bearable. Love: The feelings that you have not yet dared to show, you make sure to hide for a while longer. The right opportunity has not yet emerged.

Daily horoscope Leo (Thursday 2022-07-07)

Luck: The tour hardly gives you any benefits today. Therefore, you should only go into situations where you feel confident about your thing. Social relations: You tend to annoy your friends today, so try to be kind. Maybe you should keep a low profile. Economy: You may feel that the money is not enough. The lack of a planned budget is a reminder. Wellbeing: You have previously gotten a lot out of exercise and sports. But right now you seem to be having a hard time getting started. Work: It can feel a little sad at work today. Maybe there is a way to make a task a little more fun. Love: Today, you may feel a little insecure about your partner's feelings for you. The signs show that there is no cause for concern.

Daily horoscope Leo (Friday 2022-07-08)

Luck: The bad luck you have had now turns and happiness smiles at you again. However, be careful when betting on games. Social relations: You prefer not to be contradicted, but unfortunately you do not seem to be able to avoid it. Others seem to seek fault in what you say. Economy: You can certainly treat yourself to that little extra when your finances are currently under very favorable influence. Wellbeing: Your health is stable and it seems that you will be in a good mood almost all day. If you get annoyed, it passes quickly. Work: Row your current projects in port without thinking so much about what others think. Love: Your partner's laziness when it comes to romance makes you very annoyed. It can cause an argument.

Daily horoscope Leo (Saturday 2022-07-09)

Luck: If you lose something, there is a risk that you will never get it back. Social relations: You do not seem to take into account a friend's unstable feelings. Your way of expressing your opinions without compassion is quite nasty. Economy: You may feel that you need to borrow money soon. Your finances would feel better if you gave up. Wellbeing: A little exercise has never hurt. Even if you feel a little tired, you should try to keep up with some kind of exercise. Work: You may find it a little difficult to concentrate on work today. Think about what it may be due to and address the problem. Love: You should today show a positive attitude in a heart affair. It seems to affect your own situation in the right direction.

Daily horoscope Leo (Sunday 2022-07-10)

Luck: Your turn can help you out of a predicament today. However, this does not mean that you can rely on it completely blindly. Social relations: Do not let yourself be discouraged by a friend's thoughtless comment as he himself happens to have a bad day. Economy: Plans you have for the home you have to give up. Avoid all impulsive purchases. Wellbeing: It does not look like you need to monitor your health today. You feel good and have plenty of energy to do the things you have planned. Work: With your ability to find a way out and your sense of responsibility, you can achieve a lot today. Love: The prospects for romance are not the brightest today. You probably feel best about spending the evening alone.

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