Weekly horoscope Scorpio (week 43) ♐

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Monday 2021-10-25)

Luck: Your turn will not be an obstacle for you today, but you will hardly be helped by it either. Social relations: You probably do best not to go into conflict with aggressive people. Economy: You can be difficult in financial contexts. Despite your good business sense, the economy is currently your worst side. Wellbeing: There is a small risk that you are overexerting yourself right now. Stress is unusually bad for you at the moment. Work: The decisions you make today about your work can have a decisive influence for the near future. Do not make promises that you can not fulfill. Love: Your inherent vanity and pride can cause problems today. You may now be forced to deal with your relationship.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Tuesday 2021-10-26)

Luck: Gambling today is a sure way to lose money. The tour is certainly not with you on that plane. Social relations: In the near future, you may be most comfortable with friends outside the family circle. Economy: It looks bright for your finances in both the long and short term. Right now, the opportunities for extra income are particularly good. Wellbeing: You may feel a little tired today but it is not due to ill health but only because you have had too little sleep during the night. Work: Today you would much rather have stayed at home and done other things. Once you are at work, it will go away. Love: Some positive circumstances make the day perfect. You feel full of confidence and you have every reason to do so.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Wednesday 2021-10-27)

Luck: Today, the chances of luck are greatest if you have all your senses open and are alert to what is happening around you. Social relations: Today you can strengthen the bonds between you and a person with whom you have so far only had fleeting contacts. You can even become really good friends. Economy: Today, you should not borrow money from anyone else unless it is something you must have. You can not afford unnecessary loans. Wellbeing: Today you do not feel at all to eat healthy, but afterwards you can have a bad conscience. As long as it does not become a habit, you can treat yourself to a useless goal from time to time. Work: It is now a good time to start a collaboration on a project. Love: Your relationship with a close friend seems a bit strained at the moment. Maybe you're a little stiff in your actions right now.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Thursday 2021-10-28)

Luck: You can influence much of the luck that comes to you today in a way that makes it more lasting. The key is your safe intuition. Social relations: Try to show understanding when a younger relative mourns betrayed love. Economy: Your intentions in an economic issue seem to be heading in the wrong direction. You seem to suffer a loss if you do not think again. Wellbeing: Playing sports does not attract you, but you are happy to exercise. You seem to be in really good shape at the moment. Work: When a discussion arises about whether your or a co-worker's solution is the best, you should stand up for yourself. You're actually right in this case. Love: You miss a person today, which makes you feel a little lonely. But it seems that you are still keen on flirting.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Friday 2021-10-29)

Luck: The prospects of winning something today are lousy. Spend any money on other things. Social relations: The old feeling of powerlessness can creep in even though you now dare more than before. Economy: Lately, you have been showing some financial frivolity. Now do not get yourself something that you absolutely do not need. Wellbeing: Take a moment to unwind when you get home. It will do you good. Work: If it is a task that you have been pondering for a while, you will soon notice that it is not as laborious as you feared. Love: A person you like a lot does not really turn out to be right when it really matters.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Saturday 2021-10-30)

Luck: Remember that the chances of winning lotteries for the most part are extremely low. Unfortunately, you have a little bad luck today and that does not make the chance greater. Social relations: You should avoid heated discussion and outrage when you might end up in a heated dispute today. Economy: Your talent for business now seems to lead you to something new. It may be unknown land, but you can learn from others. Wellbeing: Your health would feel good from a little fresh air today. Therefore, take every opportunity to go for a walk. You will feel like a new person afterwards. Work: Do not think about privacy all day. Your work suffers and it can be punished. Love: You have a certain need for security today which means that you will dislike separations, even if they are only temporary.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Sunday 2021-10-31)

Luck: Feel free to gamble on horses' beautiful names today. Social relations: Sometimes the emotions rush away with you, and you throw out words that you do not really mean. Today, do not forget to first count to ten. Economy: It is both good and bad that not much is happening right now. You also do not devote much thought to the economy. Wellbeing: Your energy is a bit low today and you should therefore not go out on any strenuous exercise sessions. An early bedtime is preferable. Work: Your tasks may now be larger than expected. With the temporary help of colleagues, you will row it all ashore. Love: A certain person today shows a new exciting page. You will be pleasantly surprised and it strengthens your faith in love.

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