Weekly horoscope Scorpio (week 48) ♐

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Monday 2023-11-27)

Luck: When playing today, you should trust your intuition and immediately play on the numbers you first think of. It will pay off the most. Social relations: Some annoyance can occur when a friend makes an unnecessary comment today. Try to be tolerant so an argument can be avoided. Economy: It seems that you are currently incurring a number of expenses for fun or for the sake of your friends. You should keep your money better. Wellbeing: Maybe you feel impending illness, but it stops at a slight cold. Work: Row your current projects in port without thinking so much about what others think. Love: You may find that your partner places too high demands on you and may therefore question the love. You have always dreamed of unconditional love.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Tuesday 2023-11-28)

Luck: The tour does not turn out for the best today. Unfortunately, it is only for you to avoid situations where chance can determine a lot. Social relations: Today you are incredibly easily offended, you misunderstand and can take badly from what people say. Ask what they mean instead of going and pondering. Economy: You may have to forgo a purchase today depending on your finances. If you do that, the prospects for the economy to stabilize can be better. Wellbeing: Your body can tell by it getting sore somewhere. Do not take this too lightly, even if it is not serious. Work: Today you can get a little depressed when you discover that nasty things are being said behind a colleague's back. You yourself have nothing bad to say about the person. Love: You may have inadvertently injured a certain person in your vicinity. Feel free to invite to a reconciliation dinner.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Wednesday 2023-11-29)

Luck: Today you do not run any special risks. You also have no special chance of winning anything. Social relations: You are doing yourself a disservice if you think everyone wants you well. Learn to recognize your enemies. Economy: Today, it may be wise to think long-term about the economy. Your money must be enough for some time to come. Wellbeing: Physically, your health should be on the way to better. However, you feel a bit stressed. Work: Your desire to work today may be slightly lower than usual. This may be because other cases have a higher priority. Love: You feel a little restless, maybe bored. You are not in a romantic mood in any case, you would rather be at peace.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Thursday 2023-11-30)

Luck: Even if not all the tiles fall into place, the day will be quite successful. Maybe an invitation will come. Social relations: You want to take responsibility for something you have not done. It all leads to misunderstandings and some complicated tours. Economy: If you are facing an important financial decision today, you should wait with a decision until the afternoon. Wellbeing: At the moment, your mood seems to be a bit up and down. A much needed rest would quickly increase your well-being. Work: You can now fully invest in your previous plans. A certain person may quit work today, and that makes everything easier for you. Love: Love gets some space today because you have a lot of other things to think about. There will also be no time for romance, which you would like to see more of.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Friday 2023-12-01)

Luck: You can be offered a bet today and should then follow your impulses. It will give you the most luck. Social relations: Since you seem to be in the mood right now, you're right to stay home when you're free. Economy: Some things like credit cards can be a hassle today. The worst thing is that there is a risk that it will happen when you least want it. Wellbeing: Your health may have a slight decline at some point during the day but it is only temporary. Afterwards, you will feel good again. Work: Do not be discouraged if things do not go your way. It will turn around. Love: The day will probably offer one or two romantic moments. But do not forget to contribute something yourself.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Saturday 2023-12-02)

Luck: Admittedly, you can have good luck but it is dangerous to rely on it. When you least expect it, bad luck can strike instead. Social relations: Today you openly and firmly take a stand on a certain issue. You have carefully considered all the options. Economy: The day can be really nice. Even if the large cliffs are missing, one or another extra crown can fall in. Wellbeing: Much can be at stake when it comes to health. Therefore, you should be careful and not exert yourself unnecessarily. Work: A surprise emerges. Maybe now you get the chance you have been waiting for. Love: Love does not bloom at all today. Do something to improve the situation.

Daily horoscope Scorpio (Sunday 2023-12-03)

Luck: Unfortunately, the turn seems to be on the decline, so it may not be suitable with games on a higher scale today. Social relations: You prefer not to be contradicted, but unfortunately you do not seem to be able to avoid it. Others seem to seek fault in what you say. Economy: Either you avoid a larger expense or there is currently the opportunity for good extra income. Wellbeing: You seem to be full of energy right now. If you are thinking of starting to get active or play sports, this is the time for it. Work: Some good days for everything related to cooperation are coming now. Everyone around you seems to show joy and is at the same time very helpful. Love: Probably nothing but a feeling of jealousy can hit you today. Be sure to find out all the facts before you act.

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