Weekly horoscope Taurus (week 43) ♐

Daily horoscope Taurus (Monday 2021-10-25)

Luck: The signs indicate that you are unlucky today. This does not have to mean that you happen to something, but if you do now, bad luck can make the situation worse. Social relations: Your mood seems to be your biggest enemy, but you know it for sure. Remember to count to ten before you get angry. Economy: Take the opportunity that arises today. There are good chances that it can mean improved finances for you. Wellbeing: You seem to overestimate how much you can handle, both physically and mentally. Take a deep breath and gather yourself. Work: A situation at work today can make the day feel more difficult than usual. Some co-workers show no willingness to help. Love: You and your partner may need to get away together just to ruin each other. Your framed lives do not give much room for romance.

Daily horoscope Taurus (Tuesday 2021-10-26)

Luck: It may be worth buying a ticket today. However, do not expect big wins. Social relations: Save your curiosity if you want the right information from the environment. Patience is a virtue, well worth a try. Economy: The problems with your finances seem to be becoming more and more apparent. Unfortunately, at the same time you seem to be suffering from some other worries. Wellbeing: You should take it easy and remember not to take yourself out. Treat yourself to something extra that is beneficial to your health, such as a bath. Work: You are appreciated for your hard work, and your self-confidence increases. Love: A serious quarrel seems to be brewing. Realize in time that you made a mistake and regain harmony in your relationship.

Daily horoscope Taurus (Wednesday 2021-10-27)

Luck: Right now I do not hope to win at stake. Social relations: A person can come to you for advice. Take your time and listen as it can make you learn something about yourself. Economy: Beware of exaggerations when it comes to financial investments. Wellbeing: You're taking in too much. If you continue at this pace, you risk being burned out. Work: Practical touches and purposeful work give you great success. Love: Do not exaggerate trivial setbacks. You can now make an acquaintance that may turn into a lasting friendship.

Daily horoscope Taurus (Thursday 2021-10-28)

Luck: If you have not already bought a ticket today, you really should. The signs show a great chance of winning. Social relations: You see through a bad excuse and then you feel that you are not enough as a friend. You should honestly talk about how you feel. Economy: The signs suggest a pleasant surprise, perhaps a long-awaited gift. Otherwise, nothing strange happens to the economy. Wellbeing: Take one day at a time and you will notice how the stress releases and everything gets better. Work: The astral influence now favors cooperation at all levels. Love: When it comes to emotional relationships, as the saying goes, you should only count the happy moments.

Daily horoscope Taurus (Friday 2021-10-29)

Luck: Few situations go your way with the help of luck today. Unfortunately, you have to put in a lot of work instead. Social relations: Sometimes you may take on a role that does not suit you. Be yourself, it pays off in the long run. Economy: A small misjudgment means that you are about to make a bad deal. You should therefore pay extra attention. Wellbeing: Try to avoid stress as much as possible. Keep in mind that everything tends to work out in the end. Work: Today, some prejudices will put the brakes on you at work. This even though you know they are completely unfounded. Love: You can experience a lot of love and romance today. However, this depends on how you act in a particular situation.

Daily horoscope Taurus (Saturday 2021-10-30)

Luck: Today you have reason to be happy. It seems as if luck is with you all day. Social relations: Right now you should give support and help to a person you know very well. The friend has some problems at the moment. Economy: Right now, your finances look really promising. But within a week, you run the risk of unexpected expenses. Wellbeing: Do not be surprised if you feel a little drowsy today, because the signs show that you do not have much energy at the moment. Work: Today you should not have too high expectations at work, because it may turn out to be completely different than what you thought from the beginning. Love: If you have a relationship today, it can feel a little difficult to live up to the demands that this entails. You may need some time for yourself.

Daily horoscope Taurus (Sunday 2021-10-31)

Luck: You should not put yourself in trouble as luck is not to be trusted today. It can play a prank on you at any time. Social relations: Right now it has been a difficult time at home and you feel that you need to get out and hang out with friends. Economy: A surprising increase in your finances makes everything look much brighter. Do not spend everything at once. Wellbeing: Being on the move would suit you well right now. Try lighter exercise. Work: A promised work has not been completed on time. You must therefore take evening hours to help so as not to suffer any unnecessary consequences. Love: Watch out for dominant people today. They may affect you so that you feel suffocated by love.

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